Friday, August 18, 2017

Senior Zone Conference August 2017

          Our two-day Senior Zone Conference began at the Zoo.  The Copenhagen Zoo was impressive.       From there we toured a military academy castle in Fredriksberg.
What would we do without our senior missionaries???  They seriously are such a help in Denmark in so many ways.  They are called to support the Member Leadership, head up the YSA programs, and preserve the family history records.  But on top of all that, they help with missionary Zone Conference meals, check apartments and make repairs, feed and care for our missionaries, etc.  They are loved and appreciated by Denmark, church leaders, missionaries and President and I.  Thank you so much for your dedicated service.


We ate delicious food.
We attended the Copenhagen temple together.  We are so blessed to have this temple.  Not all missions have one in their boundaries.  We are blessed to be in Denmark spreading a message of joy, peace and salvation in a world that needs light.  The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints teaches the true gospel as taught by our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ when he was on the earth.  We want to share this message to all who will listen.  Our baptisms are up in both Denmark and Iceland.  The Lord is leading and hastening His work.

Even the "best of us" continue to age.  Just when we hope everyone will forget, the missionaries remember;-).  They sent in their favorite quotes by President, some spiritual and some funny enough to continue quoting.  Plus, our office Sister missionary made his favorite cookies.  YUM!

Attended church in Amager with these dedicated, hard-working sisters<3

Departure of Elder Shuppy August 2017

We will miss Elder Shuppy but are truly grateful for his dedicated service here in Denmark.  An interesting fact:  Elder Shuppy gave his farewell speech at the same sacrament service that President was asked to speak at, in Kamas, Utah, before they both entered the MTC.
President and I took him to an authentic Mexican restaurant.  It didn't disappoint:-)

See you in October 2018, Elder Shuppy.  Kom godt hjem<3

Sunday, August 6, 2017

Departure dinner for Elder Bryner-August 2017

We have appreciated the hard work and expertise of Elder Lyn Bryner.  He has worked hard to fix up and encourage clean apartments.  He has a sincere testimony and we have loved his humility.  He also makes delicious cookies and brings them to the office.
Our Senior missionaries on Sjaelland, including the Warnsdorfs.  The Halls are on Bornholm.
God bless you Elder Bryner<3
Random picutre with Sisters Funk and Deitch in Amager.  We love visiting the different wards and branches.

August 2017 "Thirty Day in the Land" and "My Plan" meeting.

"Thirty Day In the Land" training begins @ 5PM.  They newest arriving missionaries come to the mission home with their trainers.  We spend three days of training them over the last Zone Conference trainings.  We bring them up to speed on what the mission has been working on as a whole.  It's always a great reunion among missionaries who haven't seen each other for awhile, or just meeting the newest arrivals.

The family room becomes a dinning room.
First things first...Fixing Elders pants.  Thank goodness for iron-on patches and sewing machines!
Evening snack of Kabobs.
Ready for training.
Role playing is a "must" in learning How to teach.

Bedtime snacks with the favorite cereal, Nougat bits (dry cereal filled with Nutella), fruit and yogurt.
After a good nights sleep, morning comes early.  Traditional breakfast burritos. 
Sisters first...hurry sisters!

There's always so much help in the kitchen...:-)
Ready for a full day of training on 1) Faith to find  2) Epistles of the Lord  3) Repentance  4) How to begin Teaching  5) Teaching by the Spirit  6) Charity, etc.
Lunch at the nearby McDonalds

Our traditional Roast dinner after a full day of training.

President leads the cleanup.  These missionaries get well-trained on dishes.
A gift from one of our visiting departed elders.  Thank you so much Matthew Teynor!  The missionaries appreciate it very much!

...and ready for the ping pong challenge.

First one out gets to take pictures...however he chooses.

Traditional Baked French Toast

In the car and ready to drive to the church in Copenhagen to meet up with the "My Plan" missionaries for training.
More training .  This is our "Where's Waldo" picture.
Meeting with our most experienced missionaries who are preparing for their departure.  Much information and counsel is shared.  It's a definite learning experience.
Waiting for the pizza to arrive...
Thank goodness for senior missionaries who deliver food, and then meet with us in the temple for the session together.

We normally take a picture in front of the temple for this meeting.  Today it was really raining so we had to take it inside the church.  There's a story behind some of these random pictures:  We discourage taking "crazy" pictures in front of the temple or Christus.  Therefore, it seems they like to take random pictures instead...without us knowing...
There's always someone who watches the camera...

We must say that our missionaries are certainly easy to love.  They work hard and pray daily to be obedient, find people to teach, and teach with the spirit.  A mission is certainly not easy, but they seem to find "Joy in the work rather than Joy from the work".  We feel blessed to work with them and watch them become more like Christ.  We learn from their examples of faith, diligence and endurance.  We love the Cop-Den-Mission<3